AP Music Theory

About the Course

Grades: 10-12

Yearlong Course | GPA Weighted Course (5.0)

This course introduces the first year of college-level musicianship, theory, musical materials and procedures. Emphasizes aspects of music such as melody, harmony, texture, rhythm, form, musical analysis, composition and some historical and stylistic interpretation. Musicianship skills also include dictation, listening skills, and sight-singing.

AP Music Theory Course Overview

Musicians of all backgrounds are welcome!

Pianists | Vocalists | Guitarists | String players | Wind players | Percussionists | Composers | Arrangers

Resources to Prepare for the Course

www.musictheory.net - Foundational Lessons and Exercises

https://music.diversikey.com/courses/theorytistics/ - Key Signature and Scales Lessons and Practice (designed by PHS alumni Andrew Wong)

https://www.teoria.com/index.php - Ear-Training, Sight-Singing, and Music Theory

Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation - speak to your PHS music teacher, or check with Mr. Rangel - adrianrangelsanchez@iusd.org

Several years of musical background on an instrument or voice are recommended prior to enrolling.