Marching Band

Pride of Portola

The Pride of Portola is the largest performing ensemble at PHS and brings in students from all three instrumental branches into a high energy entertainment machine. Members of this group work together to bring together musical and visual elements into an 8 minute performance that creates drama, emotion, and excitement to stadiums throughout the fall. 

This ensemble performs at competitions throughout Southern California and the Western US, the Irvine Band Spectacular, and at football games during the first semester. 


Pride of Portola 2024 - Shine Through

Interested in joining us this fall?

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Pride of Portola FAQs

Q: Why join the Pride of Portola?

A: See the attached flier. To sum up the information, new students to PHS will immediately become acquainted with 100+ other members of the school and have opportunities to build meaningful friendships and bonds.

Q: Is being a member of the Pride of Portola fun?

A: Yes! We like to let the numbers speak for themselves when it comes to fun. 95% of our members return each year they are eligible to march with us. On top of that there are a variety of social events for students to continue to grow as young musicians and as amazing young people. 

Q: Will it make me a better musician?

A: Yes! Students will also become better musicians while going through a variety of musical exercises and rehearsal techniques that translate directly to their other ensembles. We also travel to competitions throughout Southern California and perform at a variety of events at PHS. 

Q: Do I need to play a band instrument to join the Pride of Portola?

A: No! We have had many students that learn a new instrument throughout the course of the season and throughout the 4 years at Portola. Our coaching staff is amazing and with the assistance of amazing student leadership students that are new to their instruments gain the skills necessary to find success. On top of that we are also looking for students with backgrounds in piano as we have a series of keyboard instruments that also are used in the show.

Q: Can I still do sports and be a part of the Pride of Portola?

A: For the most part, yes! Our schedule does not interfere with the sports practices after school for any winter or spring sports. We have had many successful members also compete in all levels of athletics at PHS. Having Marching Band on the schedule also allows students to not take a P.E. course during their time as a member.

Q: Does the Pride of Portola take up a lot of time?

A: Partially, yes, but partially no! While there are some time commitments that are required of the group the amount of social time that is built into the experience makes the 5 Friday nights at football games and 3 Saturdays at competitions fly by. During the 2020 season students could not wait to get back out and perform again. The social aspect of our program really makes the time spent together equally about having fun with their friends as it does making music. 

Q: Does Marching Band take the place of my other music class?

A: No! Joining the Pride of Portola does not interfere with your other ensemble. It works as a secondary course that allows you to take two classes!