PHS Music Presents


2021 Fall Instrumental Music Concert

We take great pride and pleasure in creating art for our community, families, and fellow musicians and are so excited to bring live music back to the stage this evening for you! Admission tickets are a nominal way for us to continue to support our students, if you have not yet done so, please consider donating in our Promote Our Musicians campaign as we continue to build our program for the future.

Suggested donation per family: $150

Saudade - Act I

Concert Orchestra

Asturias - by Isaac Albeniz, arr. Stephen Chin

Concerto Grosso - by Elliot Del Borgo


Violin - Eileen Lee

Viola - Krish Arora

Cello - Lucas Marinelli

Symphonic Band

Make A Joyful Noise! - by James Swearingen


Trumpet - Eric Lee

Childhood Hymn - by David Holsinger

Invictus March- by K.L. King

Wind Ensemble

Mother Earth (A Fanfare) - David Maslanka

Shenandoah - Frank Ticheli


French Horn - Aarushi Anil

Euphonium - Ryan Lee

Apollo: Myth and Legend - Rob Romeyn

Saudade - Act II

Symphonic Orchestra

Andante Festivo - by Jean Sibelius

Soaring Spirit - by William Hofeldt


Violin - Kevin Lu, Jayden Yeung

Viola - Sai Kuppili

Cello - Rachel Shim

Philharmonic Orchestra

Berceuse and Finale - by Igor Stravinsky, arr. Merle Isaac


Bassoon - Rupin Nagireddy

Trumpet - Chloe Moon

Thank you so much for joining us tonight! We hope you enjoyed the performance and make sure to keep up with the upcoming all PHS Music events at our website! For those that are interested in donating the link can be found here.

Have a great night, and we will see you again in December!


* Principal † Concert Master

Concert Orchestra

Violin I

Dayana Aghabozorgi

Annabel Chou

Claire Hung

LoLa Kim

Eileen Lee†

Kevin Luu

Edward Page

Ke Yuan

Violin II

Kathleen Chen

Josh Crabbe

Kyle He*

Liana Jin

Chloe Kim

Evelyn Lai

Aiden Yoon

Violin III

Avery Doo

Owen Ouchi*

Vismaya Sista


Krish Arora*

Matthew Park

Joshua Tan

Bea Teano


Roy Baek

Moses Chen

Ethan Cherry

Tyler Chang

Janice Jang

Lena Kim

Raymond Kim

Lucas Marinelli*

Jesper Nguyen

Eunice Shin

Nicholas Tan


Inika Joshi*

Lionel Liu

Symphonic Band


Danae Dang*

Mia Jong

Daisy Liao

Michael Sun

Hailey Tsui


Brandyn Chen*


Ivan Bascos*


Zoey Hui

Kyle Jong*

Aditya Mahesh

Aditya Vemuri

Bass Clarinet

Amber Villanueva*

Alto Saxophone

River Bridson

Andrew Cherry

David Koshy

Aarya Sudheer*

Tenor Saxophone

Sean Homma*

Baritone Saxophone

Joshua Phee*


Jongmin Chae

Eric Lee*

Hannah Mou

Jonathan Wu*

French Horn

Grace Cho

Wanu Park*


Anne Guerrero*


Daniel Park*


Inbum Cho*


Jesper Nguyen*

Kaitlyn Rydman

Ken Yasuda

Wind Ensemble


Lavanya Gupta

Ashley Kwon

Sophia Lin

Souhita Thota

Cassie Yang


Aldyn Chen

Rupin Nagireddy*


Shaun Baek

Yuntian Deng

Ashley Jo*

Bia Shok

Isaac Yoon

Martin Yoon

Bass Clarinet

Andrew Chen*

Christopher Stocks

Alto Saxophone

James Cho*

Joshua Liu

Tenor Saxophone

Joshua Borquez

Baritone Saxophone

Garrett Lee*


Sarah Matsuura

Chloe Moon*

Meghana Varughese

Ian Yoon

French Horn

Aarushi Anil*


Ronak Khanna

David Lee*

Alex Zhang


Ryan Lee*


Inbum Cho*

Kian Miremadi


Henry Liu

Aleyna Luick*

Jade Niu

Robin Yeh

Ethan Zhang

Symphonic Orchestra

Violin I

Vanessa Ark

Jeremy Chae

Allison Jo

Tiffany Kim

Kevin Lu†

Michelle Lu

Lawrence Mi

Jack Qiu

Violin II

Emma De Felippo

Seira Homma

Vivian Lu

Karina Lui

Joanna Rhim

Kaitlyn Sanchez

Bastien Teano

Jayden Yeung*

Michael Yi


Kotaro Araki

Jayden Chao

Cindy Ding

Anne Kim

Sai Kuppili*

Cami Lee

Candice Lu

Amanda Zhu


Joon Choi

Jason Ho

Kyle Hwang

Ian Jun

Sean Kim

Madeleine Kim

Katie Lee

Chloe Lim

Ellie Park

Rachel Shim*

Juel Wettstein


Ryan Oh

Chloe Tjangnaka*

Madeleine Young*


Desmond Stevens

Director of Instrumental Music

Kyle Traska

Director of Instrumental Music

Special Thanks

Our Staff, Directors, & Technicians...

Adrian Rangel-Sanchez - Director of Vocal Music

Samantha Sanford - Technical Theatre Director

Brian Des Palmes - Theater Manager

Alyssa Levensailor - ASB Account Technician

Leo Diego - Facilities

Our Administration...

John Pehrson - Principal

Jeff Hernandez - Assistant Principal

Jen Ochsner - Assistant Principal

Amy Paulsen - Assistant Principal

Brad Van Patten - IUSD Director of Arts Education

Our Coaching Staff...

Michael Corter - Woodwind Coach

Kimberlie Dillon - Woodwind Coach

Matt Distante - Low Brass Coach & String Bass Coach

Troy Sargent - Brass Coach

Mike Schlotter - Front Ensemble and Percussion Coach

Sorah Myung - High Strings Coach

Cole Perez - High Strings Coach

Chris McCarthy - Cello Coach

And those without whom none of this would be possible...

PHS Music Boosters