Pops Concert 2021

We felt it was as important for this special concert be free to our audience, however the production of this unprecedented outdoor event came with a significant price tag! Please consider a donation to help us cover our expenses!

Suggested donation per ticket: $10

Table of Contents

Concert I (6:00pm)

Treble & Bass Chorus

Some Nights - by fun

Soloists: Romijiah Johns, Kylie Rodriguez, Mason Blank, Jonny Fowler

Seasons of Love - from Rent

Soloists: Sofia Carmonlinga, Ellany Scott, Jamaal Walker

Solo Acts

Your New Boyfriend - by Wilbur Soot

Jonny Fowler

City of Stars - from La La Land

Jannah Awad and Leilani Wynn

思念是一种病 (Yearning is a Kind of Sickness)

Harry Yu

Goodbye to You

Gwyneth Yung

Thank you for the Music - by ABBA

Raksha Rajeshmohan

Presentation of Awards

Heart of Gold Award

Director's Award

Outstanding Member Award

Concert Chorale

What Makes You Beautiful - by One Direction

Soloist: Jasper Scott

Royals - by Lorde

We're All in This Together - from High School Musical

We kindly ask that the Concert I audience quickly exit the amphitheater at the conclusion of the performance so that we can prepare for our next audience!

Concert II (7:30pm)

Vocal Performance Ensemble & Canta Bella

I Won't Say I'm In Love/Zero to Hero - from Hercules

Solo Acts

Butterfly Fly Away - by Miley Cyrus

Marina Bogosian

Guitar: Raksha Rajeshmohan

Letter to My Freshman Self - by Kailyn Pham

Kailyn Pham

Vocal Performance Ensemble

One Short Day - from Wicked by Stephen Schwartz

Solo Acts

Moon and Back

Solmi Park & Kairi Shibata

Hopelessly Devoted to You - from Grease

Amara Trias

Canta Bella

Lullabye - by Billy Joel

Skyfall - by Adele

Solo Acts

This World Will Remember Us - from Bonnie and Clyde

Ainsley Johnston & Jamaal Walker

Talking to the Moon - by Bruno Mars


All I Ask - by Adele

Puneet Singh

Presentation of Awards

Heart of Gold Award

Director's Award

Outstanding Member Award

Portola Singers

Rise Up - by Andra Day

Soloists: Stella Park, Kailyn Pham, Solmi Park

Piano: Anne Wu

Memories - by Solmi Park

Conductor: Solmi Park

You Will Be Found - from Dear Evan Hansen

Soloists: Kate Brooks, Isaac Yang, Stella Park


* senior choir member

^ four-year choir member

Treble & Bass Chorus


Rachel Abalos*^

Sofia Carmolinga

Kathleen Chen

Ellany Scott

Juel Wettstein


Jannah Awad

Chloe Lee

Romijiah Johns

Amita Ramanujan

Kaylie Rodriguez

Zakyra White*


Alexis Arroyo

Jonathan Fowler*

Mohit Nair

Jamaal Walker


Julian Aguilar

Mason Blank*

Christopher Hartanto

Jack Kendig

Brandon Lee

Eric Ma*

Joshua Nan

Joshua Ong*^

Amit Rajeshmohan

Harry Yu

Concert Chorale


Madeline Chung

Val Estrada

Kaili Hellewell

Kady Lin

Linda Nong

Clarissa Roman

Shefali Sinha

Gwyneth Yung


Dishita Arora*

Jannah Awad

Killen Bayarsaikhan

Chloe Chau

Heidi Kim

Thivinkya Kobbekaduwa

Kody Lin

Ama Loukili

Elise Ngo

Thu Tran*


McCoy Cariaso*

Kapil Ramasubramanian

Darin Soo

Jonathan Truong


Brandon Ahn

Nasrallah Alzaied

Liam Fricker

Colin Jin-Phan

Essa Khoso*

Ashwin Kunaseelan*

Jasper Scott*

Aidan Stringer*

John Woo

Vocal Performance Ensemble

Grace Cho

Cadee Churchwell*

Ainsley Johnston

Nora Nyquist

Maria Pantoja*

Daniel Stankovich

April Tran

Theresa Tran

Amara Trias

Jamaal Walker

Leilani Wynn

Canta Bella

Soprano I

Kate Abalos

Riya Jain

Stella Park*^

Ananya Sampat

Paris Suttle

Soprano II

Nithila Francis

Paola Morales-Concepcion

Saachi Raju

Arshia Sista

Chloe Zhang


Zara Hommez

Abby Kwon

Esther Liu

Gaby Palar*

Kairi Shibata*^

Portola Singers


Rachel Abalos*^

Amy An

Kate Brooks

Padma Iyengar*^

Swathi Jagadeesan

Selin Myoung

Stella Park*^

Solmi Park*^

Raksha Rajeshmohan*^

Aarushi Shankar


Marina Bogosian*^

Vina Dinh*^

Sofia Fidel*

Julianne Nguyen*^

Kailyn Pham*^

Puneet Singh

Anne Wu


Yuntian Deng (DYT)

Eric Hao*

Jeff Hwang

Michael Lai

Justin Zhou


Ian Aros*

Aryan Dahiya

Justin Kim*

Adam Lam

Kevin Tao

Isaac Yang*

Tristan Yang*


Adrian Rangel-Sanchez

Director of Vocal Music

Jason Pano

Vocal Coach

Special Thanks

Desmond Stevens - Director of Instrumental Music

Kyle Traska - Director of Instrumental Music

Maxfield Maynard - Substitute Director of Instrumental Music

Brian Des Palmes - Theater Manager

Thomas Trinh - Tech Support Specialist

John Pehrson - Principal

Jeff Hernandez - Assistant Principal

Jen Ochsner - Assistant Principal

Amy Paulsen - Assistant Principal

Alyssa Levensailor - ASB Account Technician

Leo Diego - Facilities

PHS Music Boosters

Family of Jamaal Walker