Welcome and thank you for joining us this evening for Jazz Night 2023! An amazing opportunity to bring our community together through food and music, and to celebrate this amazing form of art! The event tonight will document our students' progress on their musical journey and will feature a wide variety of styles and genres.

We hope that you have a moment to meet the rest of the guests at your table. Our hope is that we continue to grow our community of music lovers at our events through great music and a meal!

All in all we look forward to sharing this special night with you and our students as well as your roarus cheers as they put their skills and craft on display!

Jazz 2

These outstanding musicians have been working on the variety of styles that jazz music has to offer. A large number of the students have chosen to learn a new instrument to keep playing through this season and we are so proud of the progress all of the students have made! They are continuously finding ways to demonstrate the pride in their work and respect to the great art of jazz.

We hope that you enjoy tonight's set!


Featuring: Franky Chen - Trombone

All Blues - Miles Davis, Arr. Michael Sweeny

Featuring: Mary Su - Piano, Yujin Baek - Guitar, Yuna Sun - Alto Saxophone, Franky Chen - Trombone, 


Featuring: Noa Stewart - Bari Saxophone, Bastien Teano - Bass, Lizzie Wu - Trumpet

After Sunset - Larry Neeck

Featuring: River Bridson - Alto Saxophone


Featuring: Max Hao - Trumpet, Kyto Fuchigami - Trumpet, Gavin Wang - Piano

Looking to the Future

As directors we are beyond proud of the steps that our students have taken this year. They have continued to build on the spirit that the previous years have left in the department and have played a huge role in our continued growth. 

As we prepare for the upcoming year we are excited to share some BIG NEWS with you!

Stay tuned during the set break to find out what we have in store!

Jazz 1

This group of students has taken monumental steps over the past 4 months. They have delved deep into their improvisation and stylistic studies and have showed outstanding perseverence and respect to themselves, each other, and the artform. They have taken it upon themselves to drive the progress throughout the semester and have been each others' biggest fans.

The experience in this group ranges from first year to 4th year jazz students, but their sound, their vibe, and their presence would lead you to believe they have been playing together for years.

We hope that you enjoy Portola HS Jazz 1!

Shiny Stockings - Frank Foster, Arr. Sammy Nestico

Featuring: Sean Homma - Alto Saxophone, Jesper Nguyen - Piano, and Tony Sheary - Trumpet

Afro Blue - Mongo Santamaria, Arr. Michael Sweeny

Featuring: Niki Ahrens - Trombone, Luke Atienza - Guitar, Andrew Zhang - Vibraphone

Cottontail - Duke Ellington, Arr. David Berger and Brent Wallarab

Featuring: Wonny Jang and Alex Seidinger - Tenor Sax, Charles Pan - Trumpet, Megan Chou - Baritone Saxophone, Jesper Nguyen - Piano

Isfahan - Duke Ellington, Arr. Billy Strayhorn

Featuring: Sean Homma - Alto Saxophone, Rachel Ha - Flute

Feels So Good - Chuck Mangione, Arr. Jeff Tkazyik

Featuring: Gavin Thornhill - Piano, Aleyna Luick - Drum Set, Noah Paniagua - Alto Saxophone, Nia Chenn Stewart - Tenor Saxophone, Sean Homma - Alto Saxophone

Events like tonight would not be possible without the support and assistance of our parents and families. We would like to thank our booster board, our parent volunteers tonight, and everyone that contributed to the dinner! If you are interested in joining our community and continuing to build our events please reach our to our boosters - musicboosterportolahs@gmail.com

Want to help keep us moving forward?

The materials we have to support our students come in no small part from our families generosity. Every cable, amp, stage piece, speaker, and instrument the students have access to is thanks to your support. In order to keep our program reaching out to more students and to keep providing our students with the best possible music making experience we have an Amazon Wish List that we would gladly accept gifts from. The list can be found HERE.


Without the support of you this concert, this music, and the effort behind it would not have the meaning it does. To have you here with us tonight means the world to our students and our staff and we could not thank you enough for spending your evening with us under the spring moonlight. 

We would also like to thank:

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